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Eric Patrick Mampouya



By Jean-Claude BERI

"I plan to fight against what opposition is immoral and therefore mental entity" (GANDHI)
Both Congolese actually aspire to a better future, a future where their lives would not be an obstacle course strewn with obstacles almost insurmountable for many. Except to hold the key to survival in Congo - Brazzaville. Because the country has become a real jungle where the strongest "puff" weaker without qualms. The important thing is to be above the fray, whatever the means used. The path of the future, dear slogan to the current president is verified on the ground by the proliferation of corruption. I do not usually declare by facts or unjustified cons truths. I just spent three weeks in Brazzaville (for strictly personal reasons), I had to observe the behavior unacceptable for a country that is said to have opted for the development and welfare of the Congolese and the slogan "Road to the future ".

The final report of the Monetary and Financial Committee national figure debt from Congo Brazzaville to about 2800 billion CFA francs. This figure is much higher than that according to some sources, the IMF and World Bank.

Evil important constantly crucified the country remains the corruption and embezzlement of public funds under false transactions cooperation or development assistance. A project decided only by the government and his band of ministers and deputies all wet in the operations of fomenting corruption agreement completely outrageous.

The acquisition by South African farmers of agricultural land twice the size of Switzerland, 500,000 times the size of Monaco and for thirty years renewable. What they do not tell the Congolese is the price of humiliation.

- I call it a humiliation because it reinforces the idea that the Congolese are unable to develop their agriculture and make it a modern and generating employment?

- Did we contacted the agronomists and experts Congolese whose projects are rotting in the drawer?

Without a sound national policy and sanitized of any hint selfish.

- Has there been a national consultation, a sort of "Grenelle de l'agriculture, and concluded that the hi agriculture Congolese necessarily depend on external assistance, South Africans, Israelis, Brazilians or Chinese?

- Or should we once more and conclude that only the enormous interest that relates to this project really motivated this choice?

The path of the future would be to assimilate the Congolese to mere "boy" of South African farmers!

No one here disputes the relevant powers of the South African brothers, we certainly need their expertise. But as this is done within a framework of fairness, exchange of expertise, transfer of technology ... This is where the slogan "Future Road" has a meaning.

At all levels of state corruption structure is erected in acceptable practice and I would even say "conventional". It is ordered that lip service but never punished as it should be in a country governed by law and justice.

Our country is again listed among the most corrupt in Africa, never mind the night of October 19 to 20 last sixteen million f. CFA were stolen from the premises of the fund equity of the Rural Development Project (PRODER) to ONGOGNI (District Plateaux).

Yet from the evidence, these premises is being watched with amazement as people trays were informed of the disappearance of this money to help farmers to finance agricultural projects. But the new boss of Finance of Congo boasts announce with a smile that Congo shows the best growth rate in Central Africa. How do we rejoice when we carry about 2800 billion F. CFA debt?
Corruption is also expanding in the daily lives of "Congolese children" who are fighting for hearts and souls not sinking into poverty the most humiliating of all. Being a taxi driver in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire is an exceptional feat worthy of the "invisible man" to escape the mafia organization established by the police provided the expected traffic.

These extort money from poor people through 3000 to 5000 F CFA per day as a daily pass. Several complaints have been filed so far but there is no remarkable result.

- How can we talk about the future path when the State allows such acts continue and increase day by day condemning each day a little more these poor people remain in poverty?

- Similarly, how can we accept without retaliation the price of a stroke is set at 1000 F. CFA, then it should be officially at 700 CFA?

Corruption has become a routine, ordinary, or even the norm in state structures of the country. It is a genuine mortification on the economy. No need to remember that to sweep the stairs you start from top to bottom, we must first attack our courts refuse to apply sanctions to force see those cited in many reports as the most incriminating corrupt, pay what they have been unfairly to society.

Corruption is a disease that puts the Congo Brazzaville knees, because it allows the diversion of capital provided for the establishment of development projects for the benefit of third persons. Corruption as it grows in the Congo impairs decision making. It weakens our financial institutions, reduced the level of public resources and undermines the efficiency and equity of public spending. It leads up a negative impact on the functioning of financial authorities and the state budget (reduction of public resources, increase public spending and increasing debt).

The practice of compromise of 20% or 30 stirs no authority in government.

Go see CCA (Congolese Amortization Fund), the Treasury, to CREF, Customs, in all ministries how citizens get corrupt procurement.

How not to rebel under any practical clowns?

In the country, large numbers of officials and general officers and superiors have become traders, with the full knowledge of all Congolese. Unlike the Code of Ethics of Public Service, this prohibits any officer exercising the trade. Worse, businesses that belong to these officials or their wives do not pay any tax or fee to the Treasury. This is the case of taxis and buses, you name it ...
In Congo - Brazzaville, practicing the politics of the belly has become the general rule for all.
Do you know the owners of these hotels and other businesses that spring up like mushrooms in our towns and villages? Go see how the clearance of goods at customs offices is. Cardiac refrain ...
The regulations of the civil service and military code did they still make sense in this country?
The civil and military officials in question did they sense the orthodoxy of their function?
Is there an authority may reprimand such harm?

The quality of shopping is incompatible with the exercise of certain professions. These incompatibilities are generally justified by the idea that the exercise of these professions should be fully independent and that independence would be threatened by the exercise of a business.

Failure to follow these incompatibilities exposes the person to professional sanctions (revocation, removal, radiation ...).

The owner and CEO of DRTV is not a general officer of our army?

Incompatibility with the quality of staff: a civil or military officials can not practice as a professional business.

Case law has clarified the consequences of this incompatibility. However, this incompatibility may be invoked by the employee to evade his obligations (Com, January 30, 1996, Bull. Civ. IV No. 30).

These consequences are likely to undermine development efforts directed towards the fight against poverty. In this sense it is a crime, and must absolutely be stopped. This should be the duty of any leader worthy of the name.
We Are the Congo!
Let us stop being afraid!
For a rule of law in Congo!
"Each generation has the choice between betraying or perform its mission"
The fighting can win! Whoever does not fight has already lost everything!

Eric Patrick Mampouya

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