Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Are you interested in Journalism and new technology?

What do you think about my answer on this question.

Are you interested in Journalism and new technology?

A committed and motivated individual who is able to work effectively alone or as part of a team. Possesses a wide knowledge of IT skills. Has the ability to learn new skills fast and continually learn when the opportunity arises. A good experience in Administration and finance. Fluent in French and English; good understanding of Portuguese and also some other language from Africa (Kikongo, Lingala, Swahili). I have good communication skills and I worked as Radio Broadcaster in Belgium from 1994-1995: Skyrock Couvin. (Skyrock Sambre - Meuse)
I always dreamed of being a a broadcaster on radio and Television, I have trained as a radio technician in Belgium and on-site in Manchester with Community Radio training with the help of the East Manchester Radio FM, Radio Regen and Mancat College. I really want to move to a higher level and I think with a big station like BBC, I'm about to succeed.
I have a fascinating and appealing voice. I am not only a beautiful charmer but also a good talker. There is nothing impossible for me because I feel like a TV and radio personality. The work and patience are the key tips that I will advice anyone else to succeed in this business that is learned slowly; all these are assets that I have.

Rangot Broadcast: Bientot sur Internet

Rangot Tsasa

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