Thursday, 23 July 2009

The earth has turned upside down

The earth has turned upside down

while some are realizing that man is mortal and anguish at the idea of regretting their lives, I focused on the life of love. We all agree on, I'm not naive about the short period of real passion. I am already aware that the daily butterflies in the stomach to fly after a certain time and not returning qu'occasionellement.
Where I wonder is on the sustainable future of the couple in general.

Today I just learned the separation of a couple of close and this is the third in just two weeks. I do not count the number of my friends who tell a similar écatombe in their network.
I do not know what makes me most pinball. Is that the number of separations in a very short period of time or the fact that there is no common point, so no winning or losing.
Some had money, some not, some retained some freedom and some not, some had children while others do not, there are younger and older, some met in adolescence and others have taken the time to live their youth before moving, some still very close to step-families and other less ... the list goes on!
One thing is sure, it's frightening. People tend to imagine separate before they commit, but I do not think these people here ... But I admit that with these recent events, I'm all upside down the idea of have no way to control my love for, have the possibility to refer to any couple "model" and in the end I imagine my relationship scraper when it is doing perfectly well. I just wonder if it's worth it to plan, to look a little further than a month, that sort of thing ... I know that, yes, but still, I wonder ...
I hear you say "instead of thinking, you'd better live ... and it's true ... but tonight, I am!

Hmmm, that is unfortunate ...
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